There are many reasons occur in winter for the failure of a car battery. Car batteries can lose their ability to perform well by losing their charge. Especially, it happens in the winter season. How do you know that your car won’t start because the failure of battery then notices the performance of your car while the last drove? If you were running your car fine last time but you are unable to start it know, this can be the reason that the battery loses its charge. Here is some main reason that can be blamed for battery failure.

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Battery Drain

Battery drain is one of the common reasons for battery failure. If your ignition is turned off but other electrical devices such as security alarms, clocks or radio continue to run then this can be the reason for battery drain. Continues working on such devices can drain your car battery. The drain that is because of the running devices after turning off the ignition is called parasitic drain. The basic reasons for this type of drain are the lights that are turned on after the door is closed. This type of battery drain has some specific values that if it is less than 75 milliamps then it is normal but if it’s greater than this value then it will quickly drain the battery. Headlights or glove box lights, trunk lights or hood lights are the main reason for this type of drain. Relay switches are another reason for this type of drain.

Old Battery

A battery that drained many times and very old then it does not perform well. An old battery can be the reason for the car’s failure. If the battery is old and not working properly then you can recharge it by adding distilled water. Some batteries run at least four to five years while some can last longer if cared properly. Try not to run down a battery many times because it affects the life of a battery. Continuously drain of a battery can also affect the life of a battery. A battery that freezes over in winter season may also have the problem of holding charge.

Affected Charging System

The battery failure in the winter season also depends on the charging system. If a battery has faulty charging system then it becomes the reason for a drain. The big issue with this reason is that if the battery has faulty charging system then car can be at risk while driving. The battery can stop working while the car is running. The battery needs enough voltage that should be between 13.5 and 14.5 volts then the battery will drain quickly. This can happen if the radio and the lights are turned on together. If this issue happens while the radio and lights are turned on together and car battery drained completely then there may be chances that radio and lights will not work operate again. The car will not start until the battery is fully charged again. So be careful while driving if you don’t have good charging system of a battery. It can harm you while driving.

Affected Alternator Diodes

Another reason that can be the reason for battery drain in winter is bad alternator diodes. The function of alternator is to allow current to flow in one direction. If a battery has an alternator with good diode then it will allow current to flow in one direction that will be a reason for good working of a battery. But if the alternator has a bad diode then it can be a reason for leakage and that will allow current to flow in the opposite direction. If the current flow in opposite direction then it will be a reason for charging circuit keep car engine shut off. If the engine shuts off due to opposite current flow then it will be a reason for battery drain. So, be careful about the battery alternator that it is working properly.

These are some reasons that become the cause of creating an issue by turning off the battery of a car. So when you go on a long journey then check your battery charging and make sure the battery will not drain at any cost so that you can continue your journey.