Cash for cars in Melbourne region that provides the best cash for broken and damaged cars.

We at cash for cars Melbourne will provide good cash for broken and damaged cars to our customers. We take all badly damaged and broken cars, no matter how old they are. They could be 20 to 30 years old, but we would still take it.  Cash for cars Melbourne provides instant cash to their customers who would like to sell their cars to our junkyard. We have been in business for almost a decade or two now, and have the staff and experience to back up our customer’s queries and problems related to their car evaluation.

Car evaluation and selling your car to the junkyard

We can help you evaluate your car and get it sold at a good price. So if you have

Cash for Cars

Cash for Cars

a car in your junkyard, then you can bring it to our scrap car removal yard.  Either that or it could work the other way. You could call us on the number provided on our website and we will come to you or send you a tow truck to haul your car if we need too. Once we discuss matters over the phone, you will have to hire a car wrecker company that can take your car from your garage to our junkyard.

Car wrecker services

You can save so much money by using our car wrecking services. This way you do not have to pay any money for your car towing company. You can save cash, plus you also get your car delivered to the junkyard for free. We do not charge anything to tow your broken and old cars to our junkyard. It’s that simple. Unlike many other junkyards or car wrecker companies, we will provide free towing services and no hidden fees either, as we at ‘Cash for used cars Melbourne’ provide ethical services to all our sellers and customers. So trust is a big factor, as we balk on our goodwill to deliver the best services.

We pay the maximum cash for cars

We are the highest cash payers when it comes to cash for scrap cars. We provide at least $8,999 for each car and we can almost guarantee you that, no other car wrecker company will be able to pay you that much amount as to what we have to offer to our clients. On average, car sellers will probably provide you with something in a range of around $4,999 to $5,999. They simply do not have the resources and the money to pay you that kind of an amount.

How to contact us

So if you would like to know more about our car services, then you could do so by visiting our website or calling us on the number provided on the website. Alternatively, you could also fill up the form on the website and one of our customer service reps will revert back to you with some answers to your queries regarding the evaluation of your car and help you sell it at a good price eventually.