The truck is most of the strongest vehicle in because they are built for moving the heaviest things ever built or born. If its livestock, boats, machinery, equipment, or produce, if it has to go by highway, it’s going by truck. Trucks are even made to transport entire tows of hard drives between Amazon headquarters because it’s faster that way to transport data.

Most of people do not know that there are different types of trucks and various types of trailers as well. All these different types of trucks and trailers have different uses and functions. To learn about the variety of available trucks and trailers in the automobile industry, the expert heavy-duty dealers have listed the various types.

List of Different Types of Trucks

  • Pickup
  • Australian Road Train
  • Boat haulage
  • Cement Truck
  • Car Transporter/Car Carrier Trailer
  • Chiller Trucks
  • Fire Truck
  • Logging Trucks

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Pickup type Truck:

Pickup trucks are the only truck for household work.  These types of trucks are very popular. The Ford F-Series is the best-selling pickup truck trailed by Chevrolet Silverado than the Dodge Ram pickups.

When a buyer includes SUVs and crossovers under the term “truck” the entire truck class is growing like crazy making up almost 69% of family vehicle sales.

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Australian Road Train:

An Australian road train is the longest road train ever is a truck pulling almost 112 trailers.  That’s long for a train and never minds to call a truck.

Road trains are usually not in use much except in Australia where the road from coast to coast is straight as an arrow which makes it likely to haul more than 3 trailers.

Boat Haulage:

Most of the boats are small in size enough to be carried on a trailer pulled by a car or SUV, while the larger boats need either a small truck or a special low loader trailer (sometimes called a plant trailer) pulled by the main mover. These types of trucks are specially designed to carry the massive weight of a boat and primed for stability, not speed.

Cement Truck:

A cement truck or concrete mixer truck has a solid mixer hooked up to it. It carries around the mixing tools to deliver it to the places that need it. The rotating machinery mixes the cement and water to make concrete and tips it into the chosen places. These can be on the roadway, in special molds, etc.


The fitted machinery in this truck allows the cement to maintain its liquid state for very long due to even motion, hence giving the cement a long-lasting quality and a longer use period than if it were detained in place. The cement is normally discharged from the rear and the drum it’s mixed in is made out of steel or fiberglass.

Car Transporter/Car Carrier Trailer:

A car transporter truck is a type that is used to load some cars at the back. This type of transporter truck comes with a variety of sizes depending on the number of the car that it can load. Usually, car carrier trailer has two levels of back loaders. Each level can load a maximum three to four cars.

The open car carrier is another main specialty of this trailer that has multiple spaces designed to hold cars in place during a long transit. They can be open or closed, with in-built ramps for loading and unloading the different types of vehicles. These trucks are mostly used to ship cars from their manufacturers to the dealerships.

Chiller Trucks:

Chiller Trucks are also known as refrigerator trucks that are fitted with cooling apparatus to keep food and supplies fresh during transport. These trucks are commonly used to transport fruit, meat, and fish, reefer trucks are cooled with ice or mechanical refrigeration and powered with displacement diesel engines.

The main feature of this truck is that it can also be cooled using dry ice or liquid carbon dioxide at high pressures. Higher pressurization techniques and more efficient cooling techniques have made these trucks more resourceful throughout the last century.

Fire Trucks:

The fire trucks are built to carry the equipment that needs to put out a fire at its source. It is typically fitted with hoses and sirens, and adequate cargo space to house a crew of firemen.

It is fitted with an automatic lifting ladder and breathing equipment such as masks and oxygen containers. This also contains alongside uniforms and protective clothing that the firefighters need to accomplish their job effectively.

Logging Trucks:

A wooden or logging truck is used to carry a large number of timber between far off destinations. These trucks are included flatbeds or discrete tractor units so that they are configured to spread loads between tractor units and a dollied trailer.